Mark Twain 2014

Performance 6/1/14 at Brook Theater, Bound Brook. Conducted by Robert Butts, Directed by Karole Lewis, Brian Foran, recording engineer.Cast: General Grant: Don Sheasley; Julia Grant: Karole Lewis; The Cook: Ira Barth; Mark Twain: Brian Jamieson; Soldiers: Tom Loughman, Jason Adamo, Ira Barth, Anthony Figliano 

Opening Scene (Sheasley)

Julia Grant’s Aria & 1st Duet (Sheasley, Lewis)

Grant and the Cook (Sheasley, Barth)
“Here’s to Good Whiskey” (Sheasley, Jamieson, Lewis)

“War Is Ugly” (Sheasley, Jamieson)

Final Scene (all)

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